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We are delighted to announce a special fundraising to celebrate Khenpo Rinpoche’s 80th birthday!

Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche will turn 80 on March 1, 2014.  This is an occasion of great joy and happiness for his students, friends and all sentient beings!

Rinpoche has taught us that ultimately there is no birth and no death, and thus we wish to celebrate the illusory appearance of Rinpoche’s life.  Likewise, Rinpoche has taught us that ultimately there is no giving and no receiving, and therefore we wish to present Rinpoche with the appearance of a gift from all of those who have received teachings from Rinpoche, heard his name, listened to his stories or heard his songs.

For many years Rinpoche has told us that his heart project is the maintenance and support of his four nunneries in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

We can think of no better birthday gift to Rinpoche than to ensure the continued health and financial security of these nunneries, and to enable them to flourish and benefit beings for many years to come.

Marpa Foundation, the organization founded by Rinpoche for the purpose of carrying out certain of his activities in the world, is proud to launch the KTGR 80th Birthday Fundraising Campaign. We have set a fundraising goal of US$2,080,000.  

All proceeds from the Birthday Campaign will go to the support of Rinpoche’s nuns and nunneries, either through the Nunnery Endowment Fund, or through the Nun Sponsorship Program.  

The Campaign will conclude on KTGR’s birthday, March 1, 2014, when the proceeds from the Birthday Campaign will be presented to Rinpoche at the Tek Chok Ling Nunnery in Nepal.

For those who have had the great good fortune to meet Khenpo Rinpoche, to study with him or to benefit from his vast, skillful, playful wisdom, the opportunity to make this birthday offering in his honor is a rare and marvelous occasion.

We encourage you to make your birthday gift to Khenpo Rinpoche through this Birthday Campaign.  


Your may choose to direct your donation to either the Nunnery Endowment or to the Nun Sponsorship Program:

The Nunnery Endowment:

The Nunnery Endowment is a permanently restricted endowment fund maintained by Marpa Foundation that is used exclusively for the long-term support of Rinpoche’s four nunneries:

  • Tek Chok Ling  -- Boudhanath, Nepal (and Yolmo, Nepal branch)
  • Drubdey Gompa -- Kuenga Rabten, Bhutan
  • Drolma Puk Ani Gompa -- Nyemo, Tibet
  • Rangjung Chorten Ani Gompa -- Nyemo, Tibet

The purpose of the Nunnery Endowment is the on-going, long-term support of the nunneries, principally by covering expenses related to operations, education, food, clothing, salaries, and building maintenance and repair.

To learn more about the Nunnery Endowment fund, click here


YES, I would like to join in offering Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche, on the occasion of his 80th Birthday, support to his nunneries.  Please direct my donation to The Nunnery Endowment Fund.


The KTGR Nun Sponsorship Program:

The Sponsorship Program aims to provide all the nuns at Tek Chok Ling (Nepal) and Karma Drubdey (Bhutan) with proper education, nutritious food, comfortable housing, medical care, books, and the chance to fully engage in the practice of the Buddha’s teachings.

YES, I would like to join in offering Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche, on the occasion of his 80th Birthday, support to his nuns.  Please direct my donation to The Nun Sponsorship Program.