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Ani Kelsang Dolma

Ani Kelsang Dolma is from Tibet. She has three sisters and two brothers. When she was seventeen her parents sent her to Nepal with a group of business people telling her she would be happy as a nun in Nepal. It took her fifteen days to make the trip from Tibet to Nepal. She started her experience of being in a monastery at Thubten Choling Monastery, located high in the remote mountains of Nepal, by working there for three years before becoming a nun. There are about 700 monks and nuns at Thubten Choling, and due to its remoteness, limited resources, and large Tibetan refugee population, it is a challenging situation. She has returned to Tibet twice. The first trip was successful but on her second trip she was jailed for forty-five days and then sent back to Nepal. Her father passed away a month ago and a relative who is a monk brought her to Tek Chok Ling. She has never had the opportunity to go to school before arriving at Tek Chok Ling. She is very happy to be able to study and to receive training in texts and rituals. She says that the nuns at Tek Chok Ling are very nice and the food is very good! She is finally happy being a nun. In the future she hopes to be able to do good.