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Marpa Foundation

Marpa Foundation is a US nonprofit religious corporation (501c3) established in 1994 under the spiritual direction of Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.

The Foundation’s purpose is to support the study, practice, and transmission of Buddhism in both the East and the West. To carry out this mission, the Foundation is dedicated to:

  • Providing for the education, health, and welfare of Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche's nuns living at Tek Chok Ling (Nepal), Karma Drubdey Nunnery (Bhutan), Drolma Puk (Nyemo, Tibet), and Rangjung Chorten Nunnery (Nyemo, Tibet);
  • Sharing Khenpo Rinpoche’s teachings by creating digital archives of the audio and video recordings of his teachings;
  • Disseminating the teachings of Khenpo Rinpoche and his Buddhist lineage through teaching programs, translation and publication of books in many languages, and publication of digital audio and video recordings of teachings;
  • Providing support to elderly, handicapped, or impoverished Buddhist practitioners in Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet.
For the past years, Marpa Foundation's main activities have been supporting Khenpo Rinpoche’s two main nunneries, Tek Chok Ling (Nepal) and Karma Drubdey (Bhutan), and creating digital archives of the audio and video recordings of his teachings.
Marpa Foundation also engages in international fundraising efforts to provide the resources, capital, manpower and knowledge to a number of projects envisioned by Rinpoche to support the community of dharma students and practitioners worldwide.

To contact Marpa Foundation, please email

Marpa Foundation
PO Box 321
Otego, NY 13825