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The nuns in Khenpo Rinpoche’s nunneries in Nepal and Bhutan are happy to include special prayer requests in their daily Tara practices or perform specially requested prayer ceremonies.


Prayer Requests

You may request prayers on behalf of yourself or others, such as family members, friends or loved ones, including pets and animals, living or deceased.  In times of difficulty, transition, or celebration, prayer requests are thought to promote positive conditions for success in our endeavors—spiritual and worldly—and for the pacification of negativity and obstacles.


The nuns do not require a donation for prayers nor is any set amount necessary but if you feel inspired to make an offering, suggested amounts are provided. Marpa Foundation sends your donation for prayer requests to the designated nunnery in its entirety.

阿尼們代為祈福並不要求報酬, 但如果您願意發心供養,以下我們設有建議的金額以供參酌。馬爾巴基金會將會把您請求誦經祈福的捐款全數轉交給指定的尼寺。

With your request you can include a note to the nuns, which will be read on the occasion the prayers are performed.

您可以在提出請求時附上簡訊, 以供阿尼們在祈福法會中唸誦。

You may choose to have prayers done at either nunnery or both. By clicking on the links at the bottom of this page you will be taken to a secure donation page.

您可選擇在任一尼寺(尼泊爾乘勝林或不丹嘎瑪竹德尼寺), 或同時在兩座尼寺中誦經祈福。有關捐款的網頁在本文最後所附的網址可點選。

The following prayers may be requested at this time

(with suggested donations per nunnery)


Tara Prayers

100 recitations ($5)

1,000 recitations ($50)

Twenty-One Taras Ritual

100 recitations ($30)

Offered for the fulfillment of wishes and achieving success (personal or for others, business or spiritual), overcoming outer and inner obstacles, protection from fears, and the promotion of longevity, healing, and well-being

《度母祈請文》誦100 次(美元$5)
二十一度母法會 100次(美元$30)

祈請護持達成目標(關於個人或他人事業或精神方面),克服外在與內心障礙,免除恐懼,促進長壽、 療癒及幸福。


Medicine Buddha Ritual

100 recitations ($10)

Offered for those who are sick or dying, and for the promotion of physical and mental health and wellbeing

誦100 次(美元$10)


“Mountain Smoke Offering” (Riwo Sangchö; also called Lhasang)

includes raising of new Prayer flags ($50) -- This is only being done at Karma Drubdey Nunnery (Bhutan) now because of the damage to the Nepal retreat center in Yolmo.

Offered for the promotion of auspiciousness and the gathering of merit and blessings, the pacification of negativities and karmic debts, overcoming outer and inner obstacles, and the fulfillment of wishes (personal or for others, worldly or spiritual)

蓮師山淨煙供(日哦桑切), 包括升掛新經幡(美元50)-- 基於尼泊爾地震,尤牧閉關中心尚待重建整修,山淨煙供目前只於不丹尼寺修法供養。



Prayer for Excellent Conduct Recitations

recited for 49 days ($50)

Offered for those who are sick, dying, or have died: for soothing the mind of the dying or sick, and for creating merit and auspicious connections for those who have died



Amitabha Ritual

performed once with 108 butterlamps ($75)

Offered for those who have died: to ease their passage through the bardo, to create merit and auspicious connections for subsequent rebirth

修法一次,包括㸃108 盞酥油燈(美元$75)


Amitabha Ritual + Prayer for Excellent Conduct

ritual performed once with 108 butterlamps, Prayer for Excellent Conduct recited for 49 days ($125)

阿彌陀佛法會 +《普賢行願品》偈頌
修法一次(包括㸃108 盞酥油燈)+ 誦 《行願品》 49天 (美元$125)


Amitabha Ritual + 108 butterlamps

performed weekly for seven weeks with 108 butterlamps ($525)

連續七週每週修法+㸃108盞酥油燈 ( 美元$525)

To request prayers at Karma Drubdey Nunnery (Bhutan), click here


To request prayers at Tek Chok Ling Nunnery (Nepal), click here


To request the same prayers at both nunneries, click here



To make a request without a donation or for other requests, please email