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Ani Khenrab Wangmo

My name is Khenrab Wangmo from Hyelambhu (Yolmo) of Nepal. I was born in 2012. I went to the kinder garden. I have a small family. There are 4 members in my family. They are my father, mother, elder sister and me. My father’s name is Kumar and mother’s name is Such Maya. My sister’s name is Santi. She helps my parent in field works. When I was in the village, I used to play all the time and sometimes I help my mother to finish her works. I didn’t attend school in my village. When I first came to the capital city (Kathmandu) I was surprised by the tall buildings and vehicles. Now I have many friends in my nunnery. There are 8 students in my class and my friends help me in my study. Yonten and Sherab are my best friends. Yonten is also my roommate. We play every Saturday in our ground. I really love to draw and I am good at it. So, sometimes I teach my friends to color the pictures. Everyone in my class love my drawings. Red and blue are my favorite colors because I love to draw a pictures of sky and plants . I love English period because it is very fun to learn English rhymes and sing them with my classmates. Sometimes my class teacher read a story book for us and I love to listen to it. I like to play with my friends and I love them very much.