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Ani Tandin Biddha

Ani Tandin Biddha joined the nunnery in 2014. She is the cousin of Ani Karma Thinley Yandron who joined the nunnery earlier in 2014. Ani Tandin Biddha’s grandmother brought her to the nunnery because her mother, after getting drunk, would hit her. Her grandmother is hoping that the nunnery will provide her with an education, and a safe and better life. Ani Tandin Biddha is very happy at the nunnery. She would like to be a Nyerpa when she grows up. For now she likes playing ball, blowing up ballons, going to bed early and getting up late. She particularly likes Ani Yeshi because she has given her shoes and many other things. And she likes her teacher Ani Jamyang Chotsho who is very kind to her.